Furniture to fit small spaces and apartments

Furniture to fit small spaces and apartments


Furniture for a small living room

Spending time in your own home is what people do, it is how we spend the majority of our time throughout the day. A living room is where the majority of the creative thought patterns happen. This is because our living room is often designed to stand out for spending time with guests. A well set-up living room area can stimulate creativity more than people realise and below we will discuss a few ways to make a small space uniquely theirs.

Lounge Suites

The main starting point of making any lounge room or living area unique and yours is by putting in a Lounge Suite that is comfortable to you. The trick is finding the right sofa that fits into a small living room, this can be difficult but if done right can really make a living area come alive. One of the keys to making a sofa really fit into a small living room is by having a sofa that wraps into the corner of a room, therefore taking up one angle of the smaller living area. This can give the illusion of the sofa not taking up as much room as it really does. The colour of the sofa can change the perspective quite quickly. A dark sofa blends in to the room where a lighter brown or colourful one offen pops out quickly when entering a room. This can sometimes be negative in such a small space. Below is an example of a chaise suite that blends into the side of a room.

Paddington LHF Chaise Sofa

Coffee tables

When thinking of tables especially coffee tables, it is important to think of what coffee table would match the vibe of the living room. This means picking a coffee table that matches the colour tone and style of the room but also the sofa configuration for practical use. An example of this is shown below, a sleek slender looking coffee table which does not crowd the room and has a colour tone that is cool and does not take too much of the attention from the room. Its modern stylish V leg provde feet space for people sitting on the lounge.

Johnelle Coffee Table


Entertainment units

A good entertainment unit is used primarily to keep your TV and speakers on. However the extra shelf space works wonders for a livingroom, allowing for extra storage as well as a stylish place to put your books or devices on. When dealing with a small entertainment area or small livingroom, it's once again important not to get an oversized piece of furniture. When searching, one good style of unit is shown here, with a sleek black finish that blends into the wall and does not crowd the room.

Paris TV Unit


Picking the right rug for your small livingroom can make a small place really come alive. Rugs can make even the dullest of floors into creatively stimulating spaces. Wooden floors, carpet floors and even tiled floors come alive by adding in a good well made rug that fits the style of living room that you are good for. This can range from a classic rug that blends in, to an eye catching designer rug, many styles of rugs can work with a living room it is just a personal preference. A good rule of thumb is to use existing room colours as the basis for your rug's colour, with accented colours that drawer from decore pieces.

Small bedrooms

When finding furniture for a small bedroom it is important to consider the size and sleekness of the pieces and bed you put into the room, making the most of any space in a small bedroom is the goal. Small, sleek, with thin legs and frames reveals more movable space. Having adequate room to move, open curtains, drawers and wardrobes is sometime overlooked, so a half metre is a good benchmark for ample space if possible. When the room is confined, using sleek and thin framed pieces will expose more space, producing an overall neatness.


Picking the right bed can be a long process but an enjoyable one, sitting on all the beds finding the perfect fit for your sleep style and thinking about colour co-ordinations. There are many variations of beds for a small bedrooms, one of the key aspects will lay in the bed frame. It's important to keep in mind the amount of space the bed frame takes up. With tight rooms, thank about beds that offer storage, and thin side rails and foot ends to maximise areas around the bed, without the need for bedside tables. Below is an example of a cool toned bed frame that does not take away from the room but also has the added benefit of having storage built into it.

prism bed image

Bedside Tables

No bedside is complete without a bedside table, a good bedside table will be where the majority of people put their important items for the night time beside such as a phone, wallet, and jewelry. A key to a bedside table in a small bedroom would be to have a slender bedside table, one preferably with slender legs, slender top, just enough that you can fit your essentials on it and have a single draw on it. A small bedside table with a slender view with a smaller lamp on it will add to a small bedroom in many ways. You can see that the table below is small is structure and quite compact leading to a well designed small bedside table.

image of metro bedside in whitewash

Small dining rooms

A dining room is one of the main attractions to a house as it is considered one of the main gathering points for both guests and the residents of the house. This means its important to carefully maximize the appearance and space of this area, trying to fit in as much as possible without making it look over-clustered.

Dining tables

Choosing the correct dining table can make or break a dining room. A smaller room is perfectly suited to have a dining table that is sleek and slender in appearance compared to one that is bulky in appearance, this can give the illusion that the small dining room is actually a larger space than what it is. The whole dining room area has to be sleek with a small profile whilst looking classy to maintain its centre piece status. Below is a dining table that is sleek in the legs but also has a thick top and is suited for 4 to 6 people that is perfect for adding in to any small dining room.

Lisbon 1400 dining table

Style coordinating the dining chairs with the dining table is equally as important to matching the design and comfort whilst seated. The main recommendation is keeping a small profile with the chairs, limiting the size of the backrest as well as choosing chairs which have thin legs to keep the chairs from feeling like they take up a lot of space. A chair which has a snug fit under the table is best for achieving this. Maximizing space in the dining room is very important so as to not lock off sections of the room, the Lima model below is a great design example.

image of lima dining chair


No dining room is complete without lights to suit, nothing creates a dining room ambiance like having the right light above your table. Choosing the right hanging light or LED lighting for your room showcases your furniture and sets a mood, this can help guests and homeowners feel more relaxed at the dining table. When dealing with small spaces, creating sleek elegant looking areas, and light fittings in the dining room are no exception, following the same formula of keeping furniture and accessories slender so they don't take up much space.

The main focus

Furnishing small rooms means keeping it sleek and minimalist as much as possible, this adds to the cosiness of a small place and allows rooms to be opened up without feeling squashed in. Keeping furniture sleek, tall and slender is what does this, replacing thick wooden chairs with slender and frame designs, keeping this thought pattern across the entire interior decor of a house can do wonders for making a small space seem nice and livable.